Our most valuable projects listed below.

  1. Sport facilities catalog with a collaboration portal and an interactive presentation software for touch panel.
  2. Russian National Transit System modification for Customs Service of The Russian Federation.
  3. Development and maintenance of distributed human resources accounting system for largest Russian oil transportation company.
  4. Regional government reporting and intelligence system.
  5. Custom solution for management of highest priority projects and programs.
  6. Distributed financial accounting system for state educational institutions.
  7. Open government web-portal and experts’ social network of the Krasnodar Region.
  8. Event management, visitor assistance and access control system.
  9. Mobile application and reporting system for building condition monitoring in IKEA/MEGA trade centers.
  10. Contract management system for IKEA/MEGA.
  11. Integrated vacancy database and corporate website for largest retailer in Europe.
  12. Integrated solution of regional government content management system, including several web-portals, intranet-portal, full text search server and document recognition subsystem.
  13. Municipal debts accounting system.
  14. Tourist assistance systems with mobile applications, interactive touch terminals and web-portal.
  15. Public control of city infrastructure condition for municipal government.
  16. Geographic information system for critical city infrastructure and dangerous objects inventory.
  17. System for planning of manufacture equipment and re-equipment during product range changes.
  18. Touch terminal software for trade-center navigation and a trade center website.
  19. Dataflow integration and data concentration solution for regional government, police and emergency services.

The detailed in provided in annex A.