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Globaltruck is the second in Russia and the first in the Urals and Siberia in terms of fleet size. The average truck age is 3 years, which is the best average truck age in the industry. Leading Full truck load (FTL) carrier Globaltruck embraces an extensive and diversified base of Russian and international market leaders. Thanks to the high quality of service, the company maintains an exceptional level of customer service.

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65% of requests for driver verification were automatically processed without human intervention
32% of applications for verification of legal entities were automatically processed without human intervention
83% of vehicles were checked without human intervention
Automatic check hit accuracy 98.13%
The load on staff decreased by 35-63%


Global Truck IT LTD

Globaltruck turned to us to automate the work of the economic security department and reduce the amount of communication between drivers and GT staff that has arisen due to the growing business

Spellsystems Role

We analyzed the company's workflow and found 2 "bottlenecks" in unrelated processes: - The security check had low automatisation. - There was lack of information on transport request that was critical for Truck drivers. As a result of our work, the load on the economic security service and expedition managers decreased by 35-63%


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Automation of as many security checks as possible with an accuracy of over 95%
Unloading GT staff by 30+%


Automated security checks for drivers.
Automated security checks for transport.
Automated security checks for carriers.


Web applications


1 Product manager 1 Project manager 2 Backend developers 1 Frontend developer 1 Q&A