Alcohol Licensing and Regulation Platform

About project

This project is about creating a platform that helps with the processes related to ethyl alcohol production and sales. It involves tasks like transferring procedures, updating registrations, and canceling permits for the production and sale of alcoholic products.


More than 9,500 applications and over 100,000 requests to authorities have been made so far.
The system can show retail outlets on a map of the region.
There's a module to check for violations and legal issues. It considers legal rules and allows specialists to edit templates in PDF format and download generated files.
The system is integrated with:
  • Unified National Authorization and Authentication System (ESIA)
  • Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation (FSRAR)
  • System of Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction (SMEV 3)
A feedback module is included to address emerging issues.


The Government

Spellsystems Role

Creating connections with external systems Analyzing needs and developing core system functions Providing APIs for external data sources Preparing documentation for the developed system Conducting training for government employees on how to use the system


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The goal is to develop a user-friendly platform that streamlines the interactions among government bodies dealing with licenses for alcoholic products.


  • Project started: January 2016
  • Development start: February 2017
  • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) presented: April 2017
  • Integration and workflow adjustments: October 2017
  • Testing and Quality Assurance passed: December 2017
  • Official release and live operation: January 2018


Basic technologies
Java, Nginx
Storing and working with data
Web Interface
JavaScript (jQuery)


  • 2 Java developers
  • 1 Front-end developer
  • 1 Database engineer (DBA)
  • 1 DevOps engineer
  • 2 Analysts