Casino Enterprise Security Management System

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About project

Complex casino security system for situational and incident management. It integrates all the existing IT systems such as game management, video surveillance, fire-alarm and evacuation, automated access control, face recognition, intrusion alarm, CRM, hardware monitoring, telephony, and power supply, into a united collaboration platform leveraging intelligence and security services to investigate and account for incidents in a broad context.


Integration with 11 systems and 5 manufacturers
Deployed in 2 factories and 2 casinos
Integrations with 4000+ sensors


Sochi Casino and Resort - the biggest Russian Casino


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To provide an integrating environment of incident investigation and management.
To bring all systems used at the facility into a single, integrated, synchronized context.
To increase the effectiveness of object management through aggregation and correlation of events from integrated systems, timely notification of personnel, automation of processes for handling emerging situations.
To provide united analytic tools.


We have developed a software product that integrates all security systems in the building, which allows you to manage systems from one unified intuitive interface.
The ability to configure automatic incident detection based on rules and types of events allows you to identify most of the incidents without direct operator involvement.
All security systems are aggregated into single user interface that provides the operator with invaluable support during the incident handling phase.

The registration of all events and data from systems in a single solution allows you to reduce the possibility of abuse and negligence to a minimum.
In addition, implementing automated and adaptive procedures (assigning responsible security guards, informing executives, etc.), our software provides coordination of actions and ensures that everyone in the operational chain knows what is happening, where it is going and how to react.

Our system enhances management effectiveness, situational awareness of the operators and decision makers.
The load and requirements for operators and decision-makers are reduced. The use of standard protocols for handling incidents can reduce the probability of error to a minimum.

Integration with the following systems are possible:
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance
  • Face recognition
  • Game management
  • Fire alarm
  • Security/intrusion alarm
  • IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Power supply subsystem monitoring
  • Evacuation control
  • Telephony and instant messaging systems

The solution consists of: client apps, server infrastructure and integrated systems.



Centralized onsite monitoring and management of all security systems.


Optimize the number of system operators, increase the efficiency of their work and the system.


Unification of the monitoring and management interface for all systems, operators are trained to work in 1 system, instead of training with all systems used at the facility.


Basic technologies
C#, Java (J2EE)
Microsoft.NET, WPF
Storing and working with data


Desktop applications
Mobile applications
Server applications


1 Project Manager, 1 System Analytic, 1 Software Architect, 1 QA engineer, 5 C# developers, 1 UI/UX designer