Case studies

Streamline regional government operations with an integrated content-management platform featuring web portals, intranet, automated document flow, full-text search, and advanced document recognition technology
The integrated sports facilities accounting, reporting, and presentation platform, including a whole Russia collaboration platform, a facility catalogue, and an interactive presentation software for touch panels

The platform aims to support the Governor during the preparation and decision-making process by providing information and expert analysis. It also aims to enhance collaboration and improve efficiency among state executive bodies and municipal authorities.

Geographic information system is a multi-service information and communication system that currently allows receiving information from citizens on illegal construction on the territory of the city and maintenance and development of urban infrastructure
This project is about creating a platform that helps with the processes related to ethyl alcohol production and sales. It involves tasks like transferring procedures, updating registrations, and canceling permits for the production and sale of alcoholic products.
Integrated Dataflow Solution for Regional Governments, Police, and Emergency Services - First Edition
Geographic information system for critical city infrastructure and dangerous facilities inventory
A portal for municipal authorities to monitor the state of urban infrastructure.
Open government web portal and experts’ social network of the Krasnodar Region
A custom solution to manage the top priority projects and programs for the regional government.
Modification of the Russian National Transit System for the Customs Service of the Russian Federation.
Regional government reporting and intelligence system