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White-label technology for healthcare providers to deploy telemedicine as a service, creating online ecosystems to connect practitioners, patients, pharmacies, laboratories, and payment gateways.


White-label single tenant solution served as a SaaS with mobile applications for iOS and Android
Telemedicine scheduling, consultation, and prescription business-processes
Great video experience
Accurate AI Diagnosis Predictions
Integration of Pharmacies and Insurance Companies


Cortex Healthcare Software Pte. Ltd.

Enabling Access to Healthcare with Telemedicine SaaS for LATAM, MEA. Visit customer website to know the up-to-date project state.


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To develop a platform for doctors and patients to connect effectively:

  • Various ways to connect-audio, video or chat
  • Emergency call option
  • Private and secure
  • Time savings
  • Cost-Effective


White-label technology for healthcare providers to deploy telemedicine as a service, creating online ecosystems to connect practitioners, patients, pharmacies, laboratories and payment gateways.

  • Consumer-Focused Mobile and Web Apps for finding practitioners, scheduling appointments, online and in-person consultations, and payment processing/ 
  • Practitioner Mobile and Web Apps for Patient Consultations, Electronic Medical Record Access, Diagnosis Recording, Therapy and Medication Prescription. 
  • Online platform for pharmacists to receive and fulfil prescriptions from healthcare practitioners for patient dispensing. 
  • Integration with payment processors to enable patients to make payments for services using debit/credit cards and mobile wallets. 
  • AI integration for medical triage and diagnosis, and NLP (nature language processing) integration for transcription. 
  • Rapid implementation of global language support and multilingual functionality.


Software architecture
Real-time communications integration
Desktop and mobile apps
Integrated payment gateways
Secured Patient Information
Centralized maintenance for all the independent customer instances


The Idea (3Q 2019)

  • Our product managers met with the future partner to get a clear idea of what they wanted to achieve.
  • After consulting with the medical industry professionals we decided that we could go ahead.

Step 1. Proof of Concept (4Q 2019)

  • The technology stack was selected and a timeframe was worked out.
  • We developed the brand identity in close collaboration with the client.
  • Programming professionals selected for the project.
  • Work commenced and within the scope of 3 months, a working prototype of the platform was built.

Step 2. MVP (4Q 2019-1Q 2020)

  • Secure Sign In completed.
  • Emergency call option added.
  • Push notifications for both doctors and patients.
  • Video calls for all the platforms were added.
  • Doctor’s and Patient’s schedules developed.
  • Prescription flow.
  • Pharmaceutical services.
  • Genetic Data and Medical Records.
  • Natural Language Processing Integration.



We’ve designed a cross-platform solution with a user-friendly interface for patients, medical professionals, and pharmacies. It enables them to connect over secure channels at any time.


We are proud that our partners Sapien Medica and eDoctor started disruptive healthcare projects using our technology. Know more on



Basic technologies
Java, Java (Android)
Java (J2EE), Nginx, SWIFT
Storing and working with data
Web Interface
Google.Maps.API, JavaScript (jQuery)
Artificial intelligence
Convolutional neural networks


Web services
Web applications
Desktop applications
Mobile applications
Server applications


  • 2 mobile developers
  • 1 backend developer
  • 1 QA engineer
  • 1 frontend developer
  • 1 software architect
  • 2 project managers
  • 1 product manager

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