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A secure corporate messenger with end-to-end encryption and stored data protection supporting mobile and desktop platforms.


Founders exit on the valuation of $16M
$3M Budget
50 Developers
Timeframe of 2 Years




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We were tasked with the objective of creating a communication application that could withstand all security threats:
  • Device research in laboratory conditions
  • Device force for Private data
  • Substitution of the other contact's device
  • Substitution of the other contact's SIM card
  • Protection from impersonators


Synchronized web and mobile (iOS, Android) versions
Password-protected container storage
Full encryption (including metadata)
Secure text and voice message exchange
Secure voice calls, video calls and voice conferences
Secure file, photo and video exchange


Idea (2Q 2017)

Our project manager first had meetings with the customer. An action plan was developed after we had a clear understanding of what our new clients wanted.

Step 1. Proof of Concept (3Q 2017- 4Q 2017)

  • The research was conducted to gain a clear picture of the state of secured communications at that point in time, with regard to technology and the market.
  • We figured out the correct technology stack and the timeframe. Appropriate recommendations were made. Project costs and probable outcomes are calculated.
  • The brand identity was developed in collaboration with LABBRAND from Germany.
  • Aegees was registered in Cyprus and the UAE jurisdictions as a company.
  • Highly skilled secure communications and programming professionals were handpicked from all regions of Russia and CIS.
  • The first mobile version for Android and iOS platforms with basic functionality that included text messaging, file transfer and the audio call was released. 

Step 2. MVP (4Q 2017 - 1Q 2019)

  • The crypto container for storing app data in encrypted form within the app, allows us to avoid storing data on remote servers.
  • Webpage designed.
  • First closed testing of the product was conducted.
  • We added secure video conferencing, a user notepad and stickers, and implemented ARGON 2i, the encryption algorithm that protects device memory from hacking.
  • Desktop version developed.
  • Working on the synchronization of all platforms and conducting final tests.
  • Fully functional product released.

Step 3. Working Business (1Q 2019 - 2Q 2019)

  • Project documentation with the technical specs prepared as per the request of the client in the preparations for the investment round.
  • Legal aspects of the project finalized.
  • An investment round was conducted with our participation. Part of the Company shares was successfully sold to the new investor. The project is valued at 16 million USD.

2Q 2019

  • Investment Round
  • Valuation $16 mil



In a timeframe of 2 years, we’ve delivered a secure and encrypted instant messaging platform for safe communication that offers an exceptionally high level of data protection and privacy in the world today. It effectively counteracts methods and tools faced by people who may become objects of surveillance, harassment or espionage. Aegees, at the same time, provide them with a comfortable way of communication of the highest standard.


Version control system


Web services
Mobile applications

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