Tokenized Uranium Product Family

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We bridge worlds by bringing physical assets to metaverses.
Meet the physical Uranium product family - the world's first digital uranium coin, backed by physical!

  • Diversify your metal investments by trading physical uranium on TM2.
  • "Mutate" your crypto portfolio with the U3O8 physically backed uranium token traded on decentralized exchanges.
  • Light up your NFT collections with unique containers with physical uranium.
  • Use uranium items, equipment, or even wearables to enrich the metaverse experience for your project.

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Physically backed.
Fractionalized for retail.
Available for physical delivery.
First time web3.0 access to physical uranium.
Convertible to NFT assets


Blockchain Investment Group Limited

Spellsystems Role

  1. Development of U308 - the first token that is physically backed by uranium
    Smart contract, Stable coin (solidity, Binance Smart Chain, BEP-20)
  2. Development of U308_NFT - the NFT that is physically backed by uranium (solidity, Binance Smart Chain, BEP-1155)
  3. Financial model and legal documents Research and Development for U3O8 token and liquidity providers pool intervention
  4. Development of the Web3 app for converting U3O8 to U3O8 NFT with a subsequent upgrade to METAverse products and collaboration assets with other crypto companies
  5. Implementing public web-site


Nov 2021-Feb 2022

  1. Created Brand layouts
  2. Created U308 token with physical backing of Uranium
  3. Created liquidity providers U308 LP tokens for grant access for providing liquidity for U308 pool
  4. Created token core U308 NFT and conversion mechanism for changing U308 to U308 NFT and vice versa.
  5. Implementing a platform for collaboration with Crypto companies and creating products for metaverse and other crypto products with uranium functionality.


Smart contract standards BEP-1155, BEP-721, BEP-20
3D models glb/gltf
Liquidity Pool on DEX (SushiSwap)
Binance Smart Chain
Upgradeable token

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