Touch terminal software for trade-center navigation and a trade center website

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Touch terminal navigation software for shopping mall and a shopping mall website


System implemented in 5 'Red Square' Shopping Malls.



The company is recognized as one of the top twenty developers in the Russian Federation according to the results of the «INFOLine Developer Russia TOP-100» rating. The holding owns more than 350 thousand sq. km of common area including 245 thousand sq. km of gross leasable area.


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To create a customer assistance system including a web portal of 5 websites and interactive touch terminal networks for every “Red Square” shopping mall.


Create a web-portal and typical website of a trade centre including trade-centre information, events, news, information for tenants, interactive maps of each floor and a detailed shop information catalogue with search capabilities.
Create a typical solution of visitor assistance system with shop search and trade-centre navigation capabilities.
Implement websites and internal visitor assistance systems in the 5 “Red Square” shopping malls.


Spellsystems developed two standard websites, one for the 'Red Square' shopping mall and another for the 'Red Square' mega-center. The primary difference between them is the section structure. Each website has a shop catalog management system with independent category management, an interactive map builder for creating multi-floor trade center maps and managing shop locations, and an API for internal visitor assistance systems.

Each website instance has its own administration panel, but can still be centrally managed. Based on these standard websites, five websites were developed and delivered.

Additionally, a standard solution was created for a shopping mall visitor assistant system. It comprises two components: a desktop solution for interactive navigation panels with touch control, operating on Microsoft Windows XP/7, and a server solution for website integration, data caching, and terminal network status monitoring. The visitor assistant solution uses the website's database to access the shop catalog and interactive map, allowing users to find shops by name, category, or keyword and to discover the quickest route to them. Routes are generated automatically based on the shop location, current terminal position, and orientation, and support multi-floor navigation with elevators and escalators taking into account their directions.

Finally, this standard solution was deployed in all five centers in the Krasnodar Region.



We were able to build the solution that is simple, stable and reliable enough to be in use more than 5 years in the very popular and crowded shopping centers.


Basic technologies
C#, Microsoft.NET
Storing and working with data
Access, MySQL


Web applications
Desktop applications
Server applications


  • 1 project manager
  • 1 C#/.NET programmer
  • 1 PHP programmer
  • 1 database architect
  • 1 content manager

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