Mobile application and reporting system for trade-center condition monitoring in IKEA and MEGA

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Mobile application and reporting system for trade-centre condition monitoring in IKEA/MEGA


IKEA/MEGA office in the Republic of Adygea

IKEA, the Global Leader in Furniture Retail, Boasts 373 Stores Across 47 Countries with Total Sales Exceeding 28 Billion Euros in 2014.


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To provide daily monitoring, control and reporting on the trade-centre condition.


To manage checkpoint lists and routes for the duty managers.
To provide detailed revision results in registration.
To provide control for the elimination of defects.
To deliver daily reports on the trade-centre condition.
To provide duty managers control.


Spellsystems has implemented a two-tier solution comprised of two main components: server-side software and an Android mobile application for duty managers.

The server-side software includes a web service for mobile application interaction and an intranet portal for reporting. The web service implements the business logic for daily monitoring and control procedures, as well as gathering necessary information for reporting. The mobile application uses the web service as a database interface. The intranet portal manages the system, including role management, account management, checkpoint and report management, and hosts all reporting features with the ability to generate regular reports.

The mobile application has three main functions: duty manager tracking, issue registration, and issue resolution control. Duty managers visit checkpoints and record their state, and if any issues are found, they take photos, describe the problem, and register it. The system then sends the issue information to management and relevant services based on the type of problem.

During subsequent revisions, the duty manager checks if the issue has been resolved. The intranet portal reporting system displays a list of open, closed, and overdue issues at all times.



The mobile application provides three main functions: duty manager tracking, problem registration and solving control. Every duty manager inspects checkpoints and registers the state. If a problem is found, the manager makes photos, describes the problem and registers it.


Basic technologies
Apache, Java (Android)
Nginx, Objective-C (iOS), PHP, Xamarin
Storing and working with data
Web Interface
JavaScript (jQuery)


Web services
Web applications
Mobile applications

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