Technology Metals Market (TM2)


About project

Technology Metals Market is the first spot market where direct investment in technology metals and other technology materials like graphene and graphite is possible.

Essential to electric vehicles, aerospace, semiconductors and other high-tech industries, they are under great supply-demand tension and considered critical by the nations of the world.

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World-first Commodities trading platform on blockchain technology

Ruthenium, Iridium, Dysprosium, Tellurium and other

£20 M "Round A" funding with £100 M valuation

Current Round: Round A Working business.

Available platforms

Web application (mobile browser)

Development team 8 team members

3 Java/Kotlin/GoLang, 1 C++ blockchain, 3 front-end, 1 QA engineer

Product management team of 3 members

1 Product manager, 1 UX/UI designer, 1 Analyst


TM2 Limited

Spellsystems Role

  1. Trading platform for Primary and the secondary market trading
  2. Integration High-frequency matching engine for secondary market
  3. Integrate Trader Interface for High-frequency engine for secondary market
  4. Cash management system for multiple bank accounts settlements
  5. Development of the Public web-site
  6. Verification of client's Identity
  7. Payment gateways
  8. Full clearing and settlement system


4Q 2018 – 3Q2019

  1. After analytics research and interview with metals industry professionals for establishing a vision of TM2
  2. Our Role: technical expertise, development of an architectural solution, determination of the necessary components TM2, search for suppliers for narrow-profile components

4Q2019 – 4Q2020
£1m round (£10m valuation)

  1. Created Brand layouts
  2. Prototype with a full cycle of basic processes created (registration, client verification, deposit, primary market purchase, secondary market trading, redemption, withdrawal)
  3. Clients:
      • sell-side: 1 issuer/1 product (Baird- gold refiner and the only full-service bullion merchant in the UK)
      • buy-side: 20 investors (buy-side)
  4. TM2 Staff (44 people), Cortex staff (9 people)

Round A. Working Business
1Q 2020 - till now
£20m round (£100M valuation)

  1. Integration of a high-frequency trading engine with a Trading interface
  2. Developing back-office processes to fit trading requirements
  3. Updating the Compliance verification to fit the requirements
  4. Optimizing the registration process to fit the requirements
  5. Integration of live customer support
  6. Integration CRM
  7. Integration deposit & currency exchange providers
  8. Developing Cash management system for intime settlements with multiple bank accounts
  9. Clients:
      • sell-side: 4 issuers/11 products
      • buy-side: 80 investors (buy-side)
  10. TM2 Staff (56 people), Spellsystems staff (12 people)


С++, Java, Kotlin, GoLang, React.js
Stellar Fork. Rebuilt and modified into MinfiniumTM
Trading frequency: 50,000 trading deals/hour, 100,000 Daily Active Users (DAU)/3,500,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU)
Digital Ledger & Clearing technology built in
KYC/AML provider services integrated and built in
Digital & Physical security Integration
Privacy layer modifications
Integration with third-party CRM systems (HubSpot, Salesforce)
High frequency matching engine and traders interface integrated. FIX, ITCH, Nasdaq UMS, CQG, QuickFIX
Integration with payment providers & banks
End-to-end monitoring systems & incident management: ELK Stack, Zabbix, Telegram
Private and Public API for trading and transferring data.


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