Highest priority projects and programs of regional government

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A custom solution to manage the top priority projects and programs for the regional government.


39 regional government departments, 10 state companies and 44 municipalities use the system.
More than 1,300 of the highest-priority issues are being managed.


The government of Krasnodar Region.

Krasnodar region is a federal subject of Russia, located in the Southern Federal District. The region's population is about 5.5 million people on a territory of 75,485 sq. km.

The Region is characterized by industrial and agro-recreational types of development. The basis of the regional productive forces constitutes the industrial, construction and energy complexes, information and communication technologies, as well as agro-industrial, transport, resort and recreation, and tourist complexes. The last three - agriculture, transport, and hotel & tourist complexes - correspond to the priorities of the socio-economic development of Russia and determine the special status of the Krasnodar Krai in the national economy.

Also Krasnodar region city Sochi was the host city of the Winter Olympic Games of 2014.


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The goal is to streamline the process of consolidation and to oversee fragmented government entities working towards common objectives.


The top management of the Krasnodar Region comprises the governor and eight vice-governors, each responsible for a specific portfolio of government departments. The social portfolio encompasses the Department of Health Care, the Department of Social Support, Labor and Family Policy, the Department of Education, and the Department of Culture and Informational Policy. The economic portfolio includes the Department of Finance, the Department of Economy, and the Department of Audit.

Each department is a separate entity with its own leadership, organizational structure, procedures, information systems, and budget, but they all work towards the implementation of the regional strategy.

Managing such disparate departments can be challenging, requiring a delicate balance between clearly defined goals, a transparent structure of work, and avoiding micromanagement, which could lead to conflicts between the vice-governors and department heads.

Additionally, the project management system must integrate with existing systems used by the government departments, provide clear information about the current status and resources, and not conflict with these systems.


Provide integrated multi-authority project management.
Provide staff completeness control.
Provide lawsuit monitoring.
Provide personal tasks and event planning.
Integrate with doc flow or management systems used by the authorities.
Implement customised Open source Business intelligence platform


Spellsystems has developed a web-based project management solution with accompanying mobile applications for personal task management and event planning.

The system comprises four components:

  1. Project management portal

  2. Integration platform

  3. Mobile apps for personal task management and event planning

  4. Administrative portal

The project management portal offers tools for work breakdown structure, task assignment, delegation, control and reporting. It also includes functionality for federal ranking monitoring, staff completeness control, and lawsuit monitoring. The federal ranking monitoring allows tracking the Krasnodar Region's positions in various national rankings based on high-priority metrics. Staff completeness control helps to identify potential risks due to staff issues, while lawsuit monitoring helps to monitor lawsuit stages and outcomes.

The integration platform provides the software interfaces for exchanging data with third-party information systems and instances.

The mobile apps allow for personal planning within the context of global tasks and delegated task control.

The system has multiple installations, one for each vice governor and one for the Department of Control.

The solution is built consists of two separate parts:



The system offers the ability to concentrate regular ratings that shows the current organization's position and how it has been changed in comparison with the previous period.


The system has a list of key features:

  • Management and control orders on all regional government bodies;
  • Task and event planner;
  • Voice orders;
  • Roadmap and federal programs’ events completion control;
  • Cases’ statuses monitoring;
  • Periodical reports publishing;
  • Mass media control and tracking the moving forces and trends in periodical ratings;
  • Publishing information about departments' stuffing structure.


Personal task planner on mobile phones with voice orders.


The process of controlling order completion can be detailed to specific executors; all the delegation vertical is tracked.


The system visualizes the percentage of complete, incomplete and overdue orders with the ability to drill down to a single department–executor.


The system provides tracking target deviations at the present moment. It is achieved by collecting data from periodical reports.


Each executor has a visualization of the proportion between complete, incomplete and overdue tasks including tasks grouped by task-creators.


Basic technologies


Web services
Web applications
Mobile applications


  • 1 project manager
  • 1 PHP programmer
  • 1 system administrator
  • 1 user interface designer
  • 1 HTML programmer
  • 1 mobile developer
  • 1 Java (Android) programmer
  • 1 Objective-C programmer

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