Event management, visitor assistance and access control system

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Event management, visitor assistance and access control system


3 events with largest count of participants over 3 500 managed


The government of Krasnodar Region

Krasnodar region is a federal subject of Russia, located in the Southern Federal District. The region population is about 5.5 million people on the territory of 75,485 sq. km.

The Region is characterized by industrial and agro-recreational type of development. The basis of the regional productive forces constitute the industrial, construction and energy complexes, information and communication technologies, as well as agro-industrial, transport, resort and recreation, and tourist complexes. The last three - agriculture, transport, and hotel & tourist complexes - correspond to the priorities of socio-economic development of Russia and determine the special status of the Krasnodar Krai in the national economy.

Also Krasnodar region city Sochi was the host city of Winter Olympic Games of 2014.


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To provide instant access to information about any event participant location.


We had insufficient time and resources during the development. We created two mobile applications and server side software including management portal in a very small timeframe.


To provide event and event location accounting.
To provide event participants registration.
To provide control of participants moves.
To provide real-time tracking for the participant location.
To provide detailed reporting service.


We developed a complex solution of three components:

  1. Server-side software.
  2. Mobile terminal software.
  3. Mobile application for participants.

Server side software divided in two parts. It contains web-service that manages all mobile terminal and mobile application data. In addition, there is a web-interface for system administrators and event operators that is capable for:

  • tracking of the participant location;
  • participants accreditation and registration;
  • accounts, events and location management;
  • mobile application content management;
  • reports generation.

Mobile terminals scans QR codes on participant badges to register facts of enter or exit the room. Mobile terminals provide all functionality of access control.

Mobile application for participants provides information about event such as news, event managers’ phone numbers, event program, location descriptions and list of allowed locations for a participant.

The solution is built consists of three separated parts:



We have developed the permissions administration module that provides access based on different roles of the service stuff at the event.


There are badges templates for different group available, that can be saved and downloaded in a various formats (А5, А4, А3).


The software supports dividing the event location into functional areas available for specific guest categories. A visitors log is kept automatically.


The mobile phone application give the opportunity to get essential event information, functional area availability, service provided list. Also, guests can plan their own visit schedule and get feedback from support.


The Event management system provides preparing event’s schedule with adjustable title, topic, announce and location.


For every specific event, the operator can provide a service list: transfer, food, accommodations, instructions.


To provide a quick guests’ informing the system sends e-mail and SMS messages.


Basic technologies
.ASP.NET, Apache Cordova
C#, Java (Android), Microsoft IIS, MVC
Storing and working with data
Microsoft SQL Server


Web services
Web applications
Mobile applications