Sportsbetting Dark Pool

About project

Sportsbetting Dark Pool is an exchange platform for bookmakers, including betting shops, syndicates or hedge funds with cryptocurrency payments. The exchange algorithm works P2P, which assumes no single central counterparty on which all bets are kept. All bets are absolutely secure and anonymous, and even the company staff does not know who is betting on the game.


First anonymous bet exchange with payment in crypto


Under NDA

Spellsystems Role

  • Creating concept and system architecture from scratch, only having problems stated by the customer
  • Full working product delivered incrementally via agile development process with all steps:
    1. Pre-project
    2. Planning
    3. Requirements analysis
    4. Programming
    5. QA
    6. Release & handover
  • Hiring and management of other vendors, like security auditors
  • Our team was integrated into existing in-house technology processes, working together with the customer engineers and developers
  • Further growth and maintenance


Idea (April 2022)

The Customer came to us with the problem without any ideas or how the solution should look like, what technology to take and how it will be looking from the user's perspective. And he knows nothing about blockchains and crypto.

And after brainstorming via some iterations we proposed the concept that includes a component/infrastructure scheme, general algorithm, and data scheme - where portions of information should be stored and processed to reach the level of anonymity that was requested.

Proof of Concept (August 2022)

  • A full working prototype is launched with the main business process: secure anonymous authorization, working with balance (deposit/withdrawal, increase/decrease after the deal), matching (finding an opponent that meets the initial request), basic reports, administration, and interaction with the public blockchain.
  • Integration with third-party services to get games feed, games result, and other info needed to execute the deal.
  • Smart contract v.1 is deployed on the production blockchain.

MVP (December 2022)

  • The system is optimized to work via mobile devices, the main trick here was to make it work in mobile MetaMask browser for Android and iPhone;
  • Enhanced user experience and functionality based on early clients feedback;
  • Incident reporting in skype;
  • System performance is optimized 10 times;

Soft launching (January 2023)

  • The system is checked by a third-party IT audit company (source code audit for the smart contract and all system services, penetration testing)
  • The system is soft-launched (coming soon)

Developed functionality
  • p2p anonymous matching algorithm;
  • smart contract for blockchain based on Ethereum for storing balances and settling transactions;
  • secure anonymous authorization via crypto wallet (MetaMask integration);
  • mobile and desktop application;
  • a clients blockchain node to ensure complete anonymity and independence


Basic technologies
Storing and working with data
MongoDB, PostgreSQL
Web Interface
Binance Smart Chain, Etherium-based wallet MetaMask
p2p anonymous interaction through mesh net (Yggdrasil)

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